Clever tips to eat healthily when eating out



If you are following a healthy diet, you might find that you struggle to eat well in social situations when it seems your friends are eating and drinking all they wish. 

You don’t want to avoid going out to social occasions because you are worried about what you can or cannot eat. However, it can be easy to become anxious about your friends giving you a hard time. 

 SO, here are some of My Top Tips for healthy eating when out socialising

1. Read the menu beforehand so that you have an idea of what choices there are and this will make you feel less anxious before you arrive

2. If you are really hungry, have a small high-protein snack beforehand to help to prevent you from overeating and making poor food choices when you are out (1)

3. From the menu choose:

o   Tomato/vegetable based sauces rather than cream or cheese based sauces 

o   Choose lean meats such as chicken and fish 

o   Avoid anything that is described as buttery, fried, crumbed or crisp

o   Choose cooking methods such as baked, grilled, steamed or poached 

o   You may wish to have a starter for your main course with a side salad/vegetables

o   Skip the dessert and have a herbal tea instead or, if you really want one, perhaps share a dessert between two

4.   Don’t be afraid to talk to the waiter about making slight adjustments as most restaurants will cooperate such as serving you with:

o   A smaller portion

o   Serving sauces/dressings on the side

o   Cooking without butter/oil

o   Serving a larger helping of vegetables

5.   Don’t feel pressurised to have what everyone else is having

6.   Avoid snacking on bread and nibbles 

7.   Keep an eye on portions - don’t feel you have to finish your plate if you are given a big portion of food. It can be easy to eat more than you had intended to when you are out (2)

 8.   Drink plenty of water before and during the meal (3)

9.   Limit alcohol as your willpower will go out of the window!

10. Remember to eat your food slowly and mindfully. And enjoy it!