Healthy breakfast ideas for kids


It’s that time of year when children are heading back to school and we want to send them off with a nutritious breakfast in their tummies. 

Good nutrition can be the difference between a happy healthy child and an unhappy one, So, mastering breakfast can be a real game changer. Breakfast is a really important meal to help children to focus and excel at their school work.

5 breakfast ideas for kids but also that the whole family will love:

And, other simple ideas:

  • Eggs - dippy eggs’ 2 egg omelette or scrambled with wholemeal toast 
  • Greek yoghurt with berries and seeds
  • Fruit - stew some apple the night before and add to some natural yoghurt 
  • Toast with nut butter and sliced banana

A child’s diet needs to provide them with the energy to grow and develop as well as to get them through a busy school day. Children grow at an alarming rate so it is vital that their nutritional needs are met to support their brain development, bones and a healthy immune system. 

In my next blog post I will be discussing and sharing ideas to support fussy eaters.