How small changes can improve your health


Is the challenge of being healthy just so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start? Or has the initial enthusiasm for your new year’s resolution now waned? Were you being too strict on yourself and unrealistic with your goals? And have you now just abandoned all your plans?

Following a restrictive diet doesn’t work long term and it sets you up for failure in the long run.

In order to achieve and maintain health for the long-term, you need to adopt healthy habits lasting a lifetime. By this I’m referring to ‘small manageable changes’ (1) that are practical and sustainable such as:

  • Making sure you drink enough water
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Making sure you eat 7-10 portions of fruit & veg daily
  • Avoiding junk, processed food and not buying anything that comes out of packet
  • Cutting down on sugary foods
  • Eating breakfast instead of a morning coffee and pastry on the way to work
  • Sitting down for meals with no distractions
  • Being active - this may be a 30 minute walk at lunchtime
  • Getting enough sleep

Some simple changes that become part or your everyday life can make a huge difference and improve your health and keep you energised. You will have a balanced and relaxed approach to food.

My advice is to do ONE thing at a time. Depending on what it is, this may be a new thing every week, every month or every few months.

Achieve it.

Recognise it.

Then build on your good work.

This will set you up for success. The positive changes that you make are habits for a LIFETIME.

+++ Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing. Your own success and the progress you make are what matters.