How to eat well and enjoy the party season

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All of us want to enjoy the party season, catching up with family and friends and eating festive food. However, you don’t want to get to the end of the Christmas break feeling exhausted, sluggish and run down.  Here I share with you some top tips to help you to enjoy the party season but at the same time keep you feeling well so that you bounce into the New Year with a spring in your step.


My top ten tips for surviving the party season:

  1. Make smart food choices, by choosing your Christmas treats and indulgences carefully so that you don’t use Christmas as an excuse to eat anything and everything for two weeks. Eat mindfully, enjoy the food and don’t feel guilty. Don’t deprive yourself because in the long run you may be more likely to binge and overeat as a result. Remember its all about balance. If you overeat at one meal, eat lighter at the next meal. Think the 80:20 rule
  2. Eat something before you go out because arriving at a party hungry means that you are more likely to overeat on nibbles and make poor food choices
  3. Don’t skip breakfast, it sets you up for the day and can help you get over a late night. A nutritious breakfast will prevent you from overeating and making poor food choices later on in the day. Choose porridge oats, banana with nuts and seeds, or eggs as they will all keep you fuller for longer and contain the amino acid cysteine which will help to mop up the toxins produced by alcohol
  4. Soups which are vegetable/broth based (not the creamy versions) make a healthy starter or main meal. They fill you up and help to avoid eating too much for the rest of the meal and they keep you warm during this cold weather!
  5. Eat your fruit and vegetables, its essential to help keep your digestion healthy and help maintain a healthy immune system. The fibre will fill you up, keeping your fuller for longer, which means that you are less likely to overeat on high calorie foods
  6. Hydration is vital for your health, especially the liver if you are drinking alcohol. Even mild hydration can lead to a headache
  7. Alcohol - limit your alcohol intake and be mindful if you are drinking alcohol as your willpower will go out the window, resulting in overeating as well as consuming empty calories from the alcohol which can lead to weight gain
  8. Have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. This will help to prevent dehydration and will reduce your overall alcohol and calorie intake. Make sure that you drink a large glass of water before going to bed and again if you wake up during the night
  9. Sleep is essential in keeping you happy and healthy during the party season so make sure you get some early nights
  10. Exercise lifts your mood, boosts your metabolism and burns calories so keep moving and exercising during the festive season. However, be careful exercising after a heavy night and perhaps go for a long walk instead.


Remember its all about balance and have a happy, healthy Christmas break.