How to plan meals in advance



Do you plan your food ahead of time? Meal planning is one of the most simplest and effective things you can do in terms of healthy eating.   

People these days are time poor but, thinking ahead about what you are going to eat, will save you time in the long run. Plus, you will save money, avoid food waste and you will have healthy food to eat. 

So, choose a quiet moment and make a plan. This way, you will make a clear plan with healthy choices compared to meals you may choose when you come home from work when it is much harder to make healthy choices. This is often the time when many people don’t make ideal food choices and opt for convenience and junk foods. 

Get organised: 

o   Work to a weekly planner and note what meals you need or don’t so that you know what you are planning for

o   Plan the recipes that you are going to use and this will also help to keep variety in your diet

o   Double up on some evening meals so that you have a meal for lunch the next day

o   If you know you are going to be coming home late after work, plan recipes that are quick and easy or that you have doubled up from the day before 


Write a shopping list:

o   Check your fridge, freezer and cupboards whilst you are doing your list so that you don’t buy things that you already have

o   Use a home delivery service if you are busy and want the ease of everything being delivered to your home

o   If you are super busy, and you have very little prep time, make shortcuts by using some pre-prepared veg, pouches of cooked lentils, beans etc

o   If you are heading to the shops, go armed with your list and don’t do this when you are hungry



o   Spend a couple of hours over the weekend, perhaps on a Sunday, cooking bits and pieces for the week ahead

o   You now have lots of different components that can be mixed together quickly and easily. Preparation such as roasting butternut squash; cooking quinoa; cooking some pulses; making pesto; making some soup; boiling some eggs; cooking or roasting some vegetables can all be done in advance