Why am I tired all the time?


Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning?

Do you reach for another coffee to keep you going?

Do you grab a sugary snack to give you more energy?

In today’s modern world everyone is busy busy busy and leading such a busy life can leave you feeling drained.  


But, there may be other reasons that you are tired all the time:

  • Stress - can be exhausting and constant stress (1) causes a rise in the levels of stress hormones, namely cortisol, which means that the adrenal glands have to over work causing adrenal fatigue. Also, high cortisol levels cause the body to crave high energy food such as sugar and refined carbohydrates causing sugar spikes
  • Depression and anxiety can leave you feeling tired and they can disrupt sleep patterns
  • Sleep - lack of sleep (2) or lack of sleep quality. You may think you are sleeping well but the quality of your sleep is poor
  • Sedentary lifestyle - lack of movement (3). Regular movement and exercise boosts circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients around the body as well as balancing hormones
  • Poor diet - which does not provide you with all the essential nutrients e.g. magnesium and B vitamins which are heavily involved in energy production
  • Caffeine - too much caffeine (4) especially close to bedtime can disrupt sleep patterns
  • Blood sugar imbalances - which are caused by a diet in high sugar (and refined carbohydrates that cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels (5)
  • Dehydration - water is in every cell of the body and lack of water leaves you feeling tired (6)
  • Other medical issues such as an underactive thyroid, diabetes, anaemia


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I hope these tips will help to keep your energy levels constant throughout the day.