Why You Should Switch Off This Summer



Learning to switch off is vital for the brain. All too often we switch from one thing to another and our brains are constantly on high alert. This can affect our brain health, sleep and mood. 

Did you know that adults spend an average of 8-9 hours a day on screens which is more time than we spend asleep? 

But switching off can be hard. We work long hours, colleagues want answers quickly, we’re multi taking and we put pressure on ourselves to get things done. The need to respond to things immediately, FOMO and social media can be addictive. We can become obsessed with our smart phones.

The benefits of taking a break from your phone:

  • Allows you to daydream and rest your brain (1)
  • Feel less anxious and calmer since you are not constantly comparing yourself to what others are doing 
  • Allows you to be more mindful and reconnect with yourself
  • Sleep better (2)
  • Clears your mind which will help your concentration and focus (3)
  • Gives you more energy
  • Feel more freedom


My Top 5 Tips on how to take a tech break:

  • Turn off your notifications so you are less likely to look at your phone all the time
  • Don’t have phones nearby at meal times. Put your phone on silent and put it out of sight
  • Switch your phone off after 8.30/9pm each evening so you give yourself the chance to relax and unwind before bedtime
  • Leave your phone out of your bedroom so that you aren’t tempted when you should be winding down and getting ready to go to sleep
  • Once in a while, it is a good idea to have a tech break and go completely off line. The ideal time for this is when you are on holiday because that’s a real chance to get away from your routine and any work pressures. It will mean you will live in the present, relax and really spend quality time with the people around you

You can use an app such as No Phone, Moment, Time Out to help you to see how much time you spend on your phone if you think you need to spend less time on it!