We all want to remain healthy on holiday don’t we? Silly question really. But often holidays can be seen as a license to eat and drink what we like. Whilst we want to have a good time we don’t want to go home feeling lethargic, sluggish and rubbish about ourselves.

It’s so important that holidays are fun and restful so,

Here are my 10 Top tips for keeping well whilst away:

  1. Breakfast - try to keep it a healthy one, packed with protein and healthy fats to keep you feeling energised and to prevent snacking later on. When you start the day with refined carbs, such as baked goods and pastries, and high sugar fruit it can leave you feeling bloated and your inclination to eat well for the rest of the day goes out of the window

  2. Choose your indulgences carefully - don’t think it has to be ‘All’ or ‘Nothing’ as deprivation will only set you up to binge later on and make you grumpy in the short term. I allow myself my treats in the evening, I want to enjoy the local cuisine, socialise and not feel deprived when dining out. However, we are all different, so do what is right for you but indulge in moderation

  3. If you do have a day when you don’t eat well, don’t throw in the towel and allow your healthy eating to go out of the window for the rest of the holiday. Otherwise, you will come back a few pounds heavier, bloated, lethargic and won’t feel great about yourself

  4. Hydrate - so important especially in the sunshine and if you’re drinking alcohol. Steer clear of sugary drinks. Carry a water bottle with you and remember to refill it! This is the one easy thing that will help to keep your health in check

  5. To safeguard your gut whilst on holiday, it’s a good idea to build up your good bacteria at least one month before you go. To keep your gut healthy consider taking some probiotics during this month and also whilst you are on holiday

  6. Exercise - remaining active is KEY to maintaining your energy levels and your mood. You may want to run or power walk in the mornings or discover the sights by foot. I do a little 20 minute set of circuits each day which I can do at anytime and anywhere. I don’t need any kit and am often seen using water bottles for weights.

  7. De-stress - remember your holiday is an opportunity to have a break from your work and usual routine. Taking some time off is vital to give your mind and body the chance to switch off

  8. Try to limit your tech use whilst away and consider a digital detox

  9. Get plenty of rest and sleep. This is a chance to really recharge your batteries

  10. Remember, it’s all about balance and it’s your holiday. So, enjoy yourself and have fun!

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