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Movement. The mind-body connection is a powerful thing and the importance of actually moving our bodies.

So how do you move?

Sometimes, when it comes to finding time to work out in your busy day, the struggle is very real.

Not everyone enjoys hitting the gym or going on a run, but just because those activities aren't for you doesn't mean you should never move in some way. We know that moving everyday will help you feel so much better and instantly happier.


What if you had some simple tricks that turned your day into a sort of workout, without actually requiring you to work out!?

Get moving and you’ll release those feel-good hormones AKA endorphins, which your body will literally make for you any time you ask it to by exercising.

Scientists have found that it doesn't really matter which kind of workout you do - just moving around regularly will make your heart, muscles, and mind healthier.

My biggest piece of advice is to find a form of movement or exercise you love. You can also exercise without really knowing it whilst reaping all the benefits of physical activity. Sounds good but how?

So, here are a few ways to exercise without knowing it:

1. Do some press ups before you get into the shower each morning?

2. Do some squats or press ups whilst the kettle is boiling for your morning cuppa

3. Do a few strength exercises while your food - kitchen counters are great for more than just meal prep!

4. Get off the bus or tube one or two stops early. It may seem like common sense but the bus will only get stuck in traffic anyway!

5. Stand on one foot whilst brushing your teeth - give your core muscles as you balance yourself

6. Make and take your personal calls outside and go for a walk while chatting

7. Stand for 30 minutes after lunch to reduce glucose spikes so prevent you feeling tired and sluggish afterwards. You can use this time to have a stretch - will boost your energy and your mood

8. Make it a goal to do some core exercises e.g. sit ups when you watch TV. Once done you’re done can park yourself on the sofa. Amazing how a small number each day will add up! Bodyweight exercises are among my favourite, most underrated ways to get a workout in

9. If you have a partner - have plenty of sex. It’s good for your heart in more ways than one

10. Vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing are good calorie burners - you will get in some exercise and have a really nice clean home

Final tip - make a good music playlist or get listening to a podcast or audio book

The simplest, most effective thing you can do for your health is get moving. Even one minute of intense, all-out exercise done regularly can improve your fitness level.

Talking of movement and exercise, the key is to make it happen in a way that works for you.

As part of Reset your Health - we work on creating new habits, sustainable changes all in a manageable, balanced way.

⚡️ Reset your Health - Your 30 day kick-start programme for a happier, healthier you.

Starting on 13th September. In 30 days, create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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