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Sleep & Stress 
Recovery Program

Are you tired of feeling tired? 
Hawaiian Poke Bowls

Did you know that poor sleep directly effects your... 

Ability to lose weight

Appetite control 

Brain and memory



& The list goes on...

The details

If you are having problems sleeping , coping with stress in your life then this is what you need to support and make you feel better now.

Think of this as the 3 R's and 3 S's.

We improve ...

Sleep, stress & self-care

So, that you are...

Rested, rejuvenated and recharged

This is for you if you...

Are lacking energy; pushing through each day and everything feels like hard work

You are relying on sugar and caffeine to get you through the day 

You feel unrefreshed in the mornings and can’t wake up

You wake in the night and find it almost impossible to get back to sleep

You are fed up of feeling so tired, sleepy and irritable 

You struggle with your hormones, mood swings and concentration

and you want help to…

Make sustainable life changes that actually work 

Make improvements to your energy levels, mood and well-being

Manage stress and know how to easily prioritse your own self-care 


How does this work?

Your first session (90mins) is to go through your needs as well as getting to know one another and gain an understanding of your health history and goals.

We schedule in 5 x 45min sessions (every 2 weeks) so that you’re accountable, on track and your progress is monitored. We review and make adjustments to your plan at a pace that suits you.  

After each session, you’ll receive your action notes and worksheets; all housed within your own private client portal which you an access it whenever you need to. 


Your last session (at 12wks) will look back on you progress and results, and you will be given a clear path to move forward with.





Eating the right foods so that you have the right building blocks to make and support sleep hormones 

Change any negative sleep influences by putting new changes into place

Regulating and supporting your circadian rhythms (natural sleep, wake cycles) 

Creating lifestyle habits to support your nervous system and sleep patterns

Sleep hygiene - how to establish a good bedtime routine and creating the right sleeping environment  

Understanding nutrients and supplements to support your sleep and stress hormones 

Managing stress, building resilience and building your own stress management tool kit

What we cover...

Focused sessions supporting you to make positive changes that you can immediately put into place

By the end of our time together...

You will feel energised, vibrant and feel like you have your ‘bounce’ back. 

You will be empowered to manage the stress in your life and make lifestyle decisions that are right for you and support your needs.


You will shine brightly, think clearly and each and everyday will feel so much easier, calmer and balanced 


I want this for you: and we will get there together. 


I once suffered from insomnia myself so I really appreciate what lack of sleep and high levels of stress feels like. I am so passionate about helping people like you to sleep and feel better. 

Your Investment…


One full payment of £795 OR two monthly payments of £397.50

What my clients are saying

"I am sleeping so much better and I manage stress now rather that it manage me. Your advice has been so practical and supportive. Alex has really changed my life around. I can think clearly and feel so much better in myself.. I can’t Alex enough”.

Mark, Lawyer

Your next step

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