Health Programme

“Alex really helped my fussy eater to try new foods and eat well. Alex is very practical and helpful”

 “I was at my wit’s end with my 4 year old fussy eater. He rejected new foods all the time.

Alex gave me a practical plan with techniques and new ideas I hadn’t thought of before I went to her for advice. She really helped and motivated me and together we made a plan. 

He is eating so much better now and trying new foods which is great. He was also beginning to suffer with constipation and, thanks to some changes at breakfast and an increase in hydration, we are going like clockwork! If I hadn't come to see Alex, this could have gone on and on!”

Zoe Cassidy, PR consultant


 Health & Well-being

“Before I saw Alex I was feeling lethargic all the time.  I now have lots of energy and my sleep has improved. Alex is extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her.”

“I was suffering from low energy levels, poor sleep and didn’t know what to do.

Alex gave me a practical plan with techniques and new ideas and so has helped me think smarter about my eating patterns and the combination of foods I eat. Alex is thorough yet practical in her approach.

Alex is professional, approachable and caring. I’m so pleased now I have lots of energy and my sleep has improved.  I would highly recommend Alex”.

Charlotte, Mother of 4.


Health & Well-being

“I feel like a new person. I feel great.  My energy levels have dramatically increased and my skin has improved significantly. I’m feeling so much better in myself”.

“Before I started working with Alex, I was totally exhausted. My skin was very red and inflamed and I was completely overwhelmed with my symptoms. I was at a loss and didn’t know where to get help. I was very low in myself and this was really affecting my quality of life.

Alex was very thorough in her work and thoroughly reviewed my case, diet and lifestyle.  She is very compassionate and understanding.

Alex gave me an achievable plan and I felt really supported and guided by her. Even after only 4 weeks my energy had soared and my skin had really improved.

I’m feeling so much better in myself and feel like I’m really living my life again.

I don’t experience any blood sugar imbalances anymore. Alex has taught me to eat well and I’m really enjoying her recipes”.



Sports Nutrition

“Alex has really helped me and I have seen great benefits even after only shortly starting to work with Alex. I am running personal bests with increased energy and my recovery is so much better”.

“Before I started working with Alex, I was exhausted and I had chronic IBS symptoms. I was worried that the lack of energy would impact upon the series of charity challenges that I have lined up for the year ahead.

Alex gathered a lot of information from me about my health and lifestyle at the start. I realised that this was invaluable for her to gain a clear picture of my health especially due to the fact that I have undergone a really challenging period in my life. 

Alex gave me an achievable plan and I felt really supported and guided by her.  Alex educates me regarding the points in my nutritional plan and is always very clear so I know exactly what I’m doing and why. I have a demanding job, that leaves me very short of time and Alex is flexible around this.

I’m feeling so much better in myself and I feel good when I get out of bed”.

Ben H, City Trader

Alba Castro

Weight loss

“Alex taught me how to eat well and lose weight. Her plan really worked. I have lost 2½ stone and have kept it all off and feel great and am so happy!

“Before I started working with Alex, I was overweight and I was an emotional eater. Then I met Alex and everything changed. It was the most difficult thing I have ever faced. Alex really listened to me and put me at ease. Alex educated me about the importance of healthy eating, she taught me how to eat and showed me how easy it can be.  I felt really motivated.

 Now, I love cooking and enjoy eating as Alex has taught me how. Alex has really supported me along the way and I now love who I am”.

Alba Castro, Fashion Journalist

Rhiannon Davies

Sports Nutrition

“Alex gave me the tools to be able to have more stamina. I am so positive and have so much more energy” 

“Before seeing Alex I would struggle with cycling longer distances and was running out of energy and stamina. Alex had exactly the right balance of therapist and nutritionist and has a very calm manner, so I felt very relaxed discussing the things I needed to.

Alex had a clear knowledge of what she is talking about and also made sure that there were practical and achievable things I could do and therefore succeed. I came away very positive and ready to put into place her suggestions.

Now, I am able to cycle around 120km, regularly, without running out of energy or steam!”

Rhiannon Davies, Business Owner

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Sports Nutrition  

"Alex is very knowledgeable and her thorough approach means she really gets to the bottom of what is going on”

"Alex is very knowledgable and her thorough approach means she really gets to the bottom of what is going on. Alex has taught me how to build on my existing healthy diet, broadening what I eat to give me the energy and nutrients required for my physical training. 

Alex has really helped me to balance my blood sugar levels, my energy levels have now stabilised and I can concentrate at work more.

I am really feeling the benefits and I can now train harder in my workouts”.

Isaac Butcher, Music Producer

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Stress management  

“Before I saw Alex I was really stressed and now I’m feeling so much better, have more energy and my sleep has improved dramatically”

"Alex’s nutritional knowledge is excellent and she has given me invaluable advice. She is inspiring and so professional with a supportive, empathetic and caring approach which has really helped me feel more positive about my health. Alex has given me the tools to help me cope with the stress in my life and feel so much better within myself.

I have seen several nutritional therapists but Alex was the only one who really got to the bottom of what was going on and I felt relaxed enough to share my personal health details with.

Having been in a position where I was averaging 3 hours of interrupted sleep a night, I am now able to fall asleep, stay asleep and am averaging 7 hours of sleep”.

Michelle Cooney, Achievement Coach


Health & Well-being

“Alex’s talk was so interesting and informative, delivered with passion, empathy, sensitivity and professionalism”

“Alex is a mine of information. I recently attended a seminar of hers [on Healthy ageing and the menopause] which was so interesting and informative, delivered with passion, empathy, sensitivity and professionalism. The food was delicious too - really really good.

Her advice, though tailored to this particular topic, was far reaching and arguably applicable to anyone wanting to make some positive choices for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Alex not only knows her stuff but has an experienced appreciation for real life pressures; her advice is inspirational but grounded, with an eye on how the smallest of changes can make the biggest of differences, unquestionably for the better.

Thank you Alex”.

Lizzie Stueck, Interior Designer