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Get More Sleep Workshop
Get More Sleep Workshop

Time is TBD


Location is TBD

Get More Sleep Workshop

Are you tired of being tired?

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

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Do you feel unrefreshed in the mornings and can’t wake up?

Do you feel constantly tired, sleepy and irritable?

And, you want help?

Here’s a solution ...

The good news is there is a HUGE amount you can do through diet & lifestyle to optimise your sleep.

This workshop will cover: 

·      Understanding common issues that disrupt sleep

·      Eating the right foods to promote sleep and support sleep hormones

·      Foods to avoid that may impair sleep

·      How to support your circadian rhythms

·      How to improve your daily routine

·      Sleep hygiene - how to establish a good bedtime routine

·      Creating an ideal sleeping environment

·      Essential oils and natural supplements that can aid sleep

And, you will come away with practical tips and advice on what to do NOW.

Here’s what a few previous attendees have said:

“I am sleeping so much better. Your advice has been so practical and supportive. I can’t thank you enough”. Mark, 45

“I hadn’t had a full night’s sleep for over 30 years. Alex was so supportive. My only regret is that I didn’t meet Alex a long time ago!” David, 65

“Alex made me understand how my lifestyle with working long hours, stress and not eating the right foods was affecting me on a daily basis. Alex motivated me to change and do something about my poor sleep. My life is a hundred times better!” Matt, 47

“I came away with lots of practical tips that I could do straight away. Alex really appreciates the role that sleep has on our physical and mental health’. Jane, 47

“I couldn’t concentrate and my work was suffering as a result. Alex has really changed my life around. I can think clearly and feel so much better in myself”. Katie, 49

I once suffered from insomnia myself so I really appreciate what lack of sleep feels like and I am so passionate about helping people to sleep better.


You are tired of being tired

You are unrefreshed in the mornings and struggle through the day

You prop yourself up with coffee and sugary foods to keep you going

You wake in the night and find it almost impossible to get back to sleep?

You feel constantly tired, sleepy and irritable

You would you like to know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to sleep

You find it hard to concentrate and focus

You are a loss at what to do

You would like to help from an expert but you don’t want 1:1 help

Poor sleep is a very common problem which can be extremely debilitating. Sleep is vital for well-being, mood and longevity. We simply cannot achieve optimal health without enough sleep. Lack of sleep affects men, women and children of any age. You can suffer from lack of sleep at different stages of your life and we can all have trouble sleeping from time to time but, when insomnia persists night after night, it can become a real problem. 


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