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Your 360 Health

Your Nutrition Overhaul

An in-depth, bespoke nutrition and lifestyle programme so that you really thrive and feel great from the inside out.


Nothing is left to chance, or left out. Going in deep; you will feel empowered to take charge of your health and do it with balance.

This is the complete menu if you like. Starter, menu and dessert with nibbles, petit fours the lot!

Image by Ella Olsson

The details

No one client is the same as the next but my approach is always the same in that, I dig deep to find out what is going on under the surface. As we work together, we uncover what is ‘actually’ going on in terms of your health. You will be given the solutions, tools, evidence-based recommendations and I share all my life experience and expertise with you.

But, here is the key

The solutions that we come up with are bespoke to you - always based on you as an individual as I don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach.  The solutions and recommendations are based on your health, nutritional needs, your life, your circumstances so that your plan is tailor made to you.


One of the reasons I get results is that I have a full 360 approach (hence the name) to health in that we carefully look at your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. In terms of physiology, all your systems within your body are interlinked and therefore no one system goes wrong without having a direct impact on another. By taking this 360 approach, alongside the right advice and support, you will learn to do things in a natural, intuitive way which (from someone who has learnt and done this) is so empowering and totally life changing.

and want to…

Feel listened to, understood and positive about your health and your future

Make sustainable life changes that actually work for the long-term

Make improvements to your gut, hormonal and immune health 

Manage stress and know how to easily prioritse your own self-care 


What we cover

Getting clear on what works for you and how you can easily fit changes into lifestyle - All tailored to your needs, lifestyle and goals


Eat smart

Get clear on your nutritional needs, how to nourish and support you through healthy food choices. Creating healthy habits and solid foundations to build your overall health and well-being. Food guidance, portion sizes as well as food planning, time saving tips and whilst adopting a healthy relationship with food.


Move better

Learning what works for you, at your life stage keeping you strong and healthy. Putting the fun and enjoyment back into movement.



Giving you the tools to help build resilience and mental strength. Adopting the right mindset and ‘narrative’ to make changes happen with ease; as well managing any overwhelm so that you feel in control.  We will break through any barriers, utilise your reward systems, and find practical solutions that fit into your life.



Symptom tracking ruling out any underlying conditions; Improving gut health - which is the key to feeling well and supporting your mood, sleep, hormones, immune system and so much more. Supplement recommendations (if required) with appropriate therapeutic doses. Vitamin D testing and any testing referrals (if necessary).


Sleep better

How can optimise your sleep by managing stress hormones,  eating the right foods for sleep and adopting good sleep habits. 


Self care

Lifestyle changes and finding ways to relax and switch off, that can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. Self-care for you in this busy world and knowing the tools and tips to implement when life gets stressful and is a struggle.


This is for you if you crave...

Having someone to listen, understand and support you all the way 

Confidence, knowledge and know-how so that you can start to feel truly amazing 

Understanding your own health issues, turn your health around and have a clear plan to move forward  

Creating habits that last a lifetime with balance and consistency 

Having someone to motivate and encourage you whilst holding you accountable 

Empowerment to be able to make better health choices in a way that works for you 

A healthy relationship with food and want to break the cycle of yoyo dieting and self-sabotage

Losing inches to feel lighter and be able to fit into your clothes that are just in your wardrobe gathering dust 

Results and solutions whilst building on your progress at a pace that is right for you 

You know what you need to do, but need someone in your corner to help you make this happen.


How does this work?

Your first session (90mins) is to go through your objectives as well as getting to know one another and gain an understanding of your health history and goals. I won’t be sending you a long questionnaire beforehand as I want to make things as easy and stress free for you as possible.

We schedule in 5 x 60min sessions (every 2 weeks) so that you’re accountable, on track and your progress is monitored. We review and make adjustments to your plan at a pace that suits you. 


After each session, you’ll receive your action notes and worksheets; all housed within your own private client portal which you an access it whenever you need to. This is where any other information, documents, notes, test results etc. are safely held all in line with Data protection. Your last session (at 12wks) will look back on you progress and results, and you will be given a clear path to move forward with

The difference in working with me is that you will have a greater understanding of yourself and what your mind and body needs. Yes, I am your Nutritionist, Health coach and support go-to for our time together. But, I’m so much more than that, as I’ll be by your side with you the whole way via DMs and email in between our sessions together. It’s this level of support that helps people like you get the results you are craving.

You will also get...

Nutritional and lifestyle health plan, worksheets, exclusive access to resources and a video library and supplement recommendations with an exclusive discount (if required)

And… you want someone who can...

Cheerlead your progress whilst holding you accountable

Keep you motivated when you’re not feeling so good

Have your best interests at heart

This is NOT for you if…

Are looking for a fad diet or a quick fix

Don't want to make your health a priority right now

By the end of our time together...

You will feel energised, vibrant and feel like you have your ‘bounce’ back. 

You will be empowered to make better decisions about your life, and your health in a way that is natural, intuitive and easy.  With your renewed confidence, new found balance and clothes fitting as they should, you will feel better about ‘yourself’ and shine brightly from the inside out. 

I want this for you: and we will get there together. 

You will feel empowered and positive about your health and your future

Your Investment…

One full payment of £895 OR two monthly payments of £447.50

Your next step

To secure your spot, and start your journey to better health, click below to book your free 30-minute Discovery Call and we’ll take it from there

What my clients are saying

“Alex’s nutritional knowledge is excellent, and she has given me invaluable advice. She really got to the bottom of what was going on after years of struggling with high levels for stress and poor sleep. Alex is inspiring and professional, with a supportive and caring approach, which has really helped me feel more positive about my health”

Matt, Hedge Fund Manager
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