How can I arrange a nutritional consultation? 

You can arrange a consultation by emailing or calling on 07377 868911

Alternatively you can complete the form on our contact page.

How long do the consultations last?

The initial consultation is 1 ½hrs. The follow up appointment is 45 minutes.

What should I bring with me? 

Your food diary and any recent test results.

How can I pay for my consultations?

We accept cash or card payments.

What continuing support is available?

Alex is available on email between consultations for additional support and questions. Phone calls and skype support can also be arranged.

What if I don’t have a specific health condition but instead want to focus on improving my diet and lifestyle?

Many clients want support to promote their health and general well-being both now and for the future.  Alex works on the philosophy of ‘prevention is better than cure’.

How is testing undertaken?

If necessary, we look at the relevant laboratory testing which will give us an idea of what is going on at a biochemical level. Testing varies in price and depends on what parameters are being investigated. This will all be explained to you by Alex during the consultation.

How long do clients normally work with Alex for?

The majority of Alex’s clients work with her for a minimum of 3 months as this provides the continued support, guidance and accountability that patients need to ensure longterm success. 

Is Alex available for corporate work?

Alex works alongside another practitioner offering a variety of services to companies. They offer presentations on a variety of relevant health topics and run workshops and seminars. Please click here to be directed to the website.

What is Functional Medicine? 

Functional medicine addresses the whole person and not just a set of symptoms. It addresses the underlying causes of disease. It is a patient centered focused approach whereby the practitioner and the patient work together to develop a plan that is individualised to the patient’s own set of needs and requirements. Functional medicine empowers patients to take an active role in their own health. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century.