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Reset your health

Your 30 day kick-start programme to a happier, healthier you.


We are joined by the wonderful Katie Wright from Simply Outdoor Fit to help you reach your goals.
We are both passionate about sharing what we've learnt with others so you can feel great too!

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Are you fed up of feeling stuck and not moving forward with your health?


Have you tried things before and they haven’t worked?

Take control of your health today.
In just 30 days, create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


In 30 days, create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

It’s amazing what you can achieve in as little as 4 weeks when you have a plan and all the support and accountability you need.

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I will show you how through small and consistent changes to your diet and lifestyle

so you can start to feel great again in just 30 days.

I’m sharing with you my formula for a  happier, healthier more energetic you.

Benefits of joining
Reset your health

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A dedicated private Facebook group community for accountability and support

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Goals copy 2.png


The motivation to help you to succeed

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Reset Workbook

Guiding you the 4 modules on nutrition, gut health, movement and mindset

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Recipe eBook with uncomplicated, delicious, easy to make recipes

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Exercise classes

Group Coaching

Group Q & A


Group classes online & in person. Lots of fun & support for all levels of fitness

Weekly live coaching sessions with Alex

Weekly Live group Q&A sessions

Special discounts and offers on courses, supplements and individual coaching

What's Involved?

What we will cover in our 30 days together

Each week we will cover different topics and techniques to start forming healthy habits.

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Food & Habits

Building solid foundations and healthy habits to give you the right nutrition for your everyday needs  in a way that works for you.

Food planning and strategies about eating out, socialising and enjoying the fun times so that you feel confident and in control




Exercise & Movement

Movement to support your overall health & wellbeing in a way that works from you. Advice & support from the experts. 


Exercise for midlife and beyond. Guidance & encouragement so that you enjoy exercise & the many benefits it brings.

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Gut Health 

The gut is key to your health.

Healthy habits to support your hormonal health,  immune system and mental health.

Building solid foundations to give you the right nutrition for your everyday needs, supporting your brain health, balancing hormones and so much more

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Sleep, Stress & Self-care

Strategies to feel calm and balanced, in control and happier through stress management tips, sleep and self-care.

Taking you from low energy to feeling brighter with more get up and go by making small lifestyle changes

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“Alex really got me. I didn’t feel as confident as I used to be, I couldn’t fit into my clothes anymore and I didn’t feel I was good enough. She really understood my frustrations”

Teresa, Paramedic, busy working mum

Why this works

  • Proven, and I have helped many previous clients to get excellent results

  • Joining a supportive like-minded group is a fantastic way to create accountability and  motivate you to succeed

  • Live coaching and support to actually make changes happen

  • This is about sustainable life time changes, not a quick-fixes or fad diets

We understand how you feel and the frustrations that you are faced with. We've been there and worn the t-shirt.


My Story

I can honestly say that now I'm in my late 40’s I am feeling better than I ever have. I feel energised, happy and healthy, and balanced. I have a healthy relationship with food and enjoy it.  Also, there has been a huge shift when it comes to confidence, self-esteem and the fact that I feel comfortable in my own skin.


I no longer look in the mirror and hate what I see, I now think “Alex you’re pretty ok as you are” & I can tell you that is a massive transformation for me. I used to feel tired, overweight, depressed, obsessed, and hated clothes shopping. I was a slave to counting calories and the scales.

I felt stuck, upset and felt like I had tried everything but nothing was really working.

So, with my expertise alongside my life experiences, I have created a group programme that works and ensures you will get results you crave.


PLUS, this year I am joined by the wonderful Katie from Simply Outdoor Fit to help you reach your goals. We are both  passionate about sharing what we've learnt with others so you can feel great too.

This is for you if...

You feel overwhelmed but are not sure where to start

You need a kickstart and crave to feel your best

You want a fresh, healthy glow from the inside out

You want some energy-boosting strategies that you can use straight away

You’re fed up of calorie counting and want to enjoy food without feeling guilty

You feel it’s your time. Time to stop the struggle and change your health habits once and for all!

Amazing.  I lost 9lb and dropped a dress size and feel so amazing in myself. I love Alex’s energy and enthusiasm for health Its’ definitely contagious. Your videos were great, Alex, and really varied and inspiring. I am amazed how well I feel.

Teresa J

Fantastic, so well organised. Alex is so genuine and generous with her time and knowledge.  It has really has inspired me and made such a huge difference. I have more energy, improved mood. Thank you.

Lucy B

Absolutely fantastic, liberating, informative and nurturing. The group was so supportive. Alex has taught me life-long lessons, helped me to adopt good habits and helped me to be kind to myself.  I have learnt so much and the programme is amazing value!

Carolyn T

September's course is now closed

Don't despair! Sign up now to be the first to get notified of our next course!


  • Why should I work with Alex?
    I have a realistic, balanced and compassionate approach. I am a healthy eating expert and know what I’m talking about, but I won’t blind you with science. I focus on foods you can eat rather than give you a long list of things you can’t eat. Don't worry, I have no intention to take all the pleasures in your life away. Instead, I will suggest practical changes to your lifestyle that are straight-forward and achievable and have quick and positive results. You’re in the right place. The transformations I have seen my clients make are remarkable. I will help you eat better, feel better and live better.
  • Do you work with both men and women?
    Yes, I do. I have seen great improvements in both.
  • Why does Alex offer packages vs one-off consultations?
    There is not one event or trigger that causes our health to decline. Our body is resilient and has a powerful self-healing capacity. It takes years and numerous co-factors for chronic disease to develop. Equally, it takes some time to get back on track. To really help you and get to the bottom of what is going I need to work with you over time. I wish I had a magic wand, but I don’t. However, I can coach you so that over time you can succeed in transforming your health. In my experience, working together over several weeks provides support, accountability and the flexibility to work in a way that is right for you and fits into your lifestyle.
  • What does a Nutritionist actually do?
    Nutritionists have the reputation of working with weight loss, telling people what they can and can’t eat. That is a very simplistic view of our work. Good nutritionists do so much more than that. I will work with you to develop solutions that not only work and get you results, but are also right for you. I look at what led you to this point, why you want to transform your health – your WHY - and how to move forward. I do not judge my clients in any way. Some people expect that they are going to be told off, told what they should do and that all their pleasures will be taken away. That is not the way I work. I will motivate, help, coach and guide you step by step to a healthier, happier way of living. Every decision you take will be yours and yours alone. I strongly believe that knowledge is power and that getting the right help and support leads to empowerment and happiness.
  • How do I know if working with a nutritionist is right for me?
    Have you tried numerous diets, medicines and treatments with little or no relief? Have you struggled to get to the root cause of your health concerns and tried many diets which are restrictive and unsustainable? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then it is likely that you would benefit from working with a nutritionist. Before you commit, we should have a chat on the phone to make sure that I am the right person to help you. BOOK A FREE INTRODUCTORY CALL
  • I feel overwhelmed and worried. How is Alex going to simplify things for me, so that I can cope?"
    There is no need to worry. You are going to be in safe hands. I deeply care about people and am passionate about supporting those who are stressed, anxious, tired and want to regain their health. I know only too well what it feels like. I have had my own health challenges, so I have first-hand experience. I know only too well what it’s like to feel helpless, frightened and overwhelmed. With this understanding and compassion, I will support and give you what you need, so that you feel comfortable every step of the way. BOOK A FREE INTRODUCTORY CALL
  • I would like to purchase a nutrition program as a gift for a friend. Can I do that?
    That’s a lovely idea, and yes you can. While it’s always nice to receive a surprise gift, in this instance it is essential to approach your friend first to make sure that nutrition coaching is something they would like to engage with and that it’s the right time for them.
  • What is the difference between a Registered Nutritional Therapist and a Dietician?
    This is a question that I am asked frequently. So, here is a short explanation. Registered Nutritional Therapists usually work in private practice with clients who wish to consider alternative and complementary medicine. They recognise that every person is unique and therefore has an individual set of dietary and lifestyle requirements. Nutritional Therapists follow the Functional Medicine Model, which is evidence-based and looks at genetics, diet and lifestyle. They believe that the body has underlying imbalances, which lead to poor health. The title is not protected by law, but Nutritional Therapists have undergone a high-level of training and are regulated by the Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC), a governing body, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), a regulatory body, and a professional body such as the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT). I am a qualified and registered nutritional therapist and naturopath and a member of the Natural Healthcare Council (NTC), the CNHC and BANT. A Dietician is someone who has a degree in Dietetics and the title is protected by law. They are recognised by NICE and NHS. They work principally within the NHS and are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). As it stands, dieticians are the only professionals in the field of nutrition who are ‘statutorily regulated’. Anyone calling themselves ‘dietician’ in the UK must be registered with the British Dietetic Association (BDA).
  • Is testing included?
    At the moment, testing is not included in the cost of your programmes. However, should any test be required, I will discuss these options with you during your consultation.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    I’m sorry, but I currently do not accept insurance.
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
    Yes. Appointments cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice will not be charged. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged in full.

If this sounds like this is for you but you still have some questions then please do get in touch and we can have a chat

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