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Kickstart your health

Join me for ‘Kickstart your health’ a 90-minute workshop and Q&A

Date TBC - £22

In this workshop, we’ll walk through ways to help you have more energy, balance and vitality this Spring and help build healthy habits to Change Your Life

Do you ever wonder if there is an easier way?

Kickstart your health and
create healthy habits for a lifetime

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What's Included

This workshop will last 90 minutes with time at the end for questions.


Your kickstart workbook will be provided for you to download with tools, tips and nutrition guidance that you can implement straight away

The aim of my one-off special workshop ‘Kickstart your health’ is to show you:

  • How to create a happy, healthy and balanced life

  • How to eat food you enjoy without feeling out of control, deprived or guilty

  • How to apply sound eating principles to help you make nutritious food choices

  • How to plan time for self-care, movement and prioritise sleep

I will share with you my knowledge and expertise providing you with clear information, cutting through the cr*p in a supportive, down-to-earth and realistic way.


This isn’t about losing weight (that’s the result). 


‘Losing some wobble’ is a RESULT of the small steps you take along the way.

Please note: The session will be recorded and if you can’t make the date, don’t worry you will be sent the replay.

What if I told you I will show you
some tools and strategies that actually work to
help you create a
happy, healthy and balanced life?

 Being happy and healthy is about eating in a balanced way, that works for you, so that you have the energy to enjoy each and every day and really thrive.

Let me show you how
you can step into this new season
feeling good with a

spring in your step

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Do you …


  • Feel like you have tried everything but nothing is really working?

  • Feel tired and fed up of not finding a realistic long-term solution

Want to…

  • Feel great, have lots of energy and be the weight you want to be?

  • Still have your favourite pleasures and enjoy life?

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This workshop is here to help you to change all that.

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Who is it for?

  • You're tired and fed up and getting nowhere, year after year

  • You want to improve your diet and hopefully lose some ‘wobble’ 

  • You want a way to move forward with action points that you can implement straight away

Who is it not for?

  • You want a majic bullet

  • You like making life hard for yourself 

  • You don’t want to make better lifestyle choices

  • You want a quick fix….



You will get a gift of a Quick Guide -  ‘A great way to start your day'

which will help you start your day on the right path and will help take some of the thinking

out of deciding what to eat day after day and to re-ignite your enthusiasm

for simple breakfast ideas to help nourish yourself. 


You’ll get your copy as soon as you sign up for the workshop, so what are you waiting for?

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"Alex really got me. I didn’t feel as confident as I used to be, I couldn’t fit into my clothes anymore
and I didn’t feel I was good enough.
She really understood my frustrations”
Teresa, Paramedic, busy working mum

Are you ready to look in the mirror and see the person you want to be smiling back at you?

Step into Spring… and let’s feel good about ourselves


A personal note from me

I know how busy, stressful and overwhelming life can be and that everything can be a bit of a struggle, let alone anytime to prioritise you and your health. That’s exactly why I’ve put together this special ‘Kickstart your health workshop.'


However, as we emerge into Spring, the days are getting longer, we can feel the shift in energy and motivation, this is an ideal time for us to want help ourselves feel our best.  


I want to reach out to help as many of you and this could be ideal chance for you to feel great this Spring. 


The winter months have been hard, and the past couple of years have been a tough slog with covid and all it’s challenges.  Also, it’s not helpful when we are brainwashed by the media into thinking that we must be thin to be happy and to get thin you have to diet by avoiding all those delicious but ‘naughty’ foods and by feeling constantly hungry. This is so rubbish. 


This is a photo when I was that person. It’s really important to say that I am in no way body shaming and the photos of me ‘before’ just demonstrate that I was unhappy in my own ‘skin’ and mind and it wasn’t necessarily because of my size.

AL.Fat3 copy 2.JPG

If this sounds like this is for you but you still have some questions then please do get in touch and we can have a chat

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