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Have you tried lots of things to get back to your former self, but they’re not working? Are you feeling lost and need someone to listen, understand and support you?

my story 

It is my mission to empower women and help them feel great from the inside out. I will help you balance your health and hormones without going on some restricted diet, even if you don’t have much time. 

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Growing up, I was active and outdoorsy; I was an event rider in my previous life. As a young twenty-something, I came to London, starting a career as a chef and cookery teacher. I worked long hours, ate rubbish, skipped meals and embarked on every diet out there, driving myself into a spiral of self-loathing, despair and ultimately feeling awful. It seemed that no one really understood how I felt about myself. No one even listened properly.  I was frustrated at the lack of help out there at the time.

However, during my time as a cookery teacher, I had become passionate about health and wellness. I decided to dig deeper and find a solution that would work and give me my former bounce back. Once I had overcome my own health issues, I had a burning desire to really help and encourage others, so I went on to study nutrition.

I have been there and won. I understand how you feel and that you shouldn’t have to feel this way. I know how much better your life would be if we removed your barriers. This is what inspired me to retrain and help others feel their best.

You don’t need to live with your struggles anymore.


I have a realistic, balanced and compassionate approach. I am a healthy eating expert and know what I’m talking about, but I won’t blind you with science. I focus on foods you can eat rather than give you a long list of things you can’t eat. Don't worry, I have no intention to take all the pleasures in your life away. Instead, I will suggest practical changes to your lifestyle that are straight-forward and achievable but also yield quick and positive results.


I deeply care about people and am passionate about supporting women who are stressed, anxious, tired and want to regain their health. I know only too well what that feels like. I understand the issues that many women like you face every day and know from my own experience that it can be almost impossible to find any time for yourself.

The improvements in the way you think, feel & live can be really life changing.


Book your free call with me today

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