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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Good health begins at a thought .....Achieving long-term health and energy is a balancing act.

Quite simply, what you put into your mind may have as much of an impact as the food and supplements you feed your body.

The Mind-Body Connection

Many studies have been conducted on the mind-body connection. What we know for sure is that a positive attitude works – when we remember to nurture it.

Wholesome food, avoiding sugar and toxins are obvious tools for great health but how should you deal with the consequences of negative thinking and stress?

Experts rate exercise, sufficient sleep, controlling negative thoughts, and building a strong social support network are some of the best ways to decrease stress and boost immunity - so paying attention to your feelings and needs is as vital as drinking enough water and avoiding junk food.

So, with this in mind here is a reminder of winning ways to promote good mind-body health

1. Eat a wholesome diet as nature intended to support your gut health (many of our brain chemicals are made in the gut)

2. Get enough sleep

3. Exercise

4. Focus on self-care

5. Mindfulness. Being mindful and mindful of what news and negative behaviours your absorb around you

Simple advice. Nothing complicated here.

Feeling well, eating well and sleeping well doesn’t need to be complicated.


Remember, that every day you can make lifestyle choices that profoundly affect your health, quality of life, and ageing.

Do you want to help getting your mojo back?

Good news is I have some New Client spots opening up now this September.

If you’ve been thinking of working with me 1:1 we can have a chat on the phone. This is your chance.

Your chance to change your health and well-being now.

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