What To Expect

Nutrition For Life offers personal consultations and health coaching.

Before the initial consultation you will be asked to provide me with some basic details and fill out a 7-day food diary and bring this with you to your first session. 

Initial Consultation

The Nutrition for Life consultation is 90 minutes.

During the first consultation, I will take a detailed health and medical history so that I can gain a thorough understanding of your health concerns, diet and lifestyle. We will discuss any work/life balance issues, your lifestyle and goals.

A plan that is achievable for you (and that you are comfortable with) will be put into place to help support you on your road to better health. 

Nutrition for Life Health Programme

Your success is my priority. You are an individual with your own set of circumstances, stressors and health concerns. I work very closely with you to ensure your health programme is tailored specifically for you. 

Your Nutrition for Life Health Plan will be emailed within 48hours complete with a Nutritional Plan and supplement sheet.

During your follow up consultations, your progress will be assessed so that your Nutrition for Life Health Plan can be adjusted according to your needs and goals.

Dietary Health Check Ups

This service is really beneficial to those who would like advice about what they are eating. 

You are invited to complete a 5 or 7day food diary, and then your food diary is then analysed. Feedback and suggestions will be given to optimise your health and wellness. 


Health Talks

Alex gives regular talks on popular topics such as:

·        Stress busting nutrition - How to reduce stress with healthy eating 

·        The importance of sleep and how to improve your sleep

·        How to boost energy levels


For more information email alexgear@nutritionforlife.co.uk