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Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Health & fitness for busy people.

We are all living in a busy world, juggling many balls but being prepared is key in helping you eat well.

So, here are my top tips to start your day off in a healthy way

1. Eat some veggies at breakfast time

Add some vegetables to your breakfasts is a great way to provide good nutrition to the start of your day. Such as spinach/kale to eggs; leafy greens and veg in a breakfast smoothie and berries with yoghurt which will all provide you with good nutrition

2. Have a protein-based breakfast

To keep you satisfied, thus preventing that mid-morning crash. It will help to provide you with energy, aid weight loss as prevents you from snacking or over eating at the next meal. Most breakfast cereals are high in sugar and so a bowl of cereal or piece of toast may not be the best choice of breakfast to fuel your body. Protein-based ideas such as eggs; overnight oats served with nuts and seeds, Greek yogurt with nuts & seeds; smoked fish and more lovely breakfast ideas can be found here. Also, prep the night before to save your time in the busy mornings

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Have a glass of water on waking, and before breakfast. Adequate hydration

is vital for the body as the body is made up of 70% water. After breakfast, fill up your water bottle or have a jug with a glass to hand to encourage you to drink throughout the day

4. Plan your meals for the day ahead

With a little forward planning, this will avoid you having to make a decision when you are tired and hungry. If your lunch and evening meal have been planned, and even prepared, this will ensure you always have a healthy nutritious meal

5. Exercise

Many people find that when they get moving/exercising this can help set them up for the day. If this isn’t for you, just get moving at some stage during the morning even if it’s just a walk around the block

6. Plan your day

Planning your day and blocking out times for breaks, lunch, a walk will help to ensure you fit in your health priorities into your day. In my experience, if you are very busy the day can soon disappear before you know it

When it comes to health, all about balance and putting more of the good stuff

into your body.

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