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January is the time of year when people are often tempted to follow those crazy, unrealistic diets which are all over the media at every turn and are often endorsed by high profile celebrities making them all the more tempting to follow.

New year resolutions just simply don't work.

Read on, as I explain why.

The diet industry makes millions of pounds and they are banking on your diet failing to keep the industry going. Madness? Yes. Ethical? NO!

In the short term, if you just look at the number on the scales that might work - but, here is the thing ……….this initial dramatic weight loss is down to fluid loss. It is not a clever way to try to lose body fat as your metabolism slows down and you produce more of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) and less of leptin (the hormone that regulates fat storage) as your body attempts to cope with less calories.

These mad diets are often boring as your food choices are heavily restricted. After some rapid weight loss initially, these diets are not sustainable as you will end up putting the weight back on, and often more. They set you up for failure and disappointment. FACT.

So, how do these diets affect you both physically and mentally?

They leave you feeling….miserable, undernourished, grumpy, tired, weak, unhappy, frustrated even depressed and can result in insomnia, poor concentration…..

These diets are drastic leaving you with less energy and poor brain health. These diets are often very low in calories and essential fats and, as your brain can only use glucose as an energy source, your concentration and brain health will suffer, as well as putting yourself at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies.

What these diets don’t look at.

These diets don’t address any emotional and mindset issues that you may have. Confidence issues. Body image issues. Teach you how to eat well for the long term. Feed your soul. Make you feel happy.

So, yes whilst January is a chance to reflect on what we might want to be different and it can be a powerful month of the year for new beginnings. Just leave those mad, fad things well alone!

So, how about you think about how you want to feel and how you can realistically get there over a period of time?

  • Instead of denial think about what good foods you can put into your body

  • Make it positive and focus on what you can have, not what you can’t

  • A healthy diet is about looking at the bigger picture and your long term health

Remember - It’s about balance. Consistency. Fuelling your body with the good stuff.

Do you want to step into January with a spring in your step?

Join me for ‘Kickstart your health’ a 90-minute workshop and Q&A Thursday 13th January at 7.30pm - £22

Kickstart your health

In this workshop, we’ll walk through ways to help you have more energy, balance and vitality this January and help build healthy habits to CHANGE YOUR LIFE

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