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Menopause is also called "the change". This is a natural point in the ageing process but it can be a really challenging time for many women. Both physically and mentally.

The Menopause just crept up on me in my early forties with the brain fog, memory loss, joint pain, anxiety to name a few of my symptoms. It all started quite gradually until before I knew it I just wasn't simply the I wasn't person I was. I know only too well that this can be a very frightening and worrying time for many.

NICE guidelines estimate that eight out of 10 women in the UK experience some menopause symptoms” and therefore it is so important that women have access to professionals and get the right help and support.

The peri-menopause can start at anytime but is most common in the mid-40s onwards and the symptoms can include hot flushes, night sweats, joint pain, mood swings, irritability, forgetfulness, anxiety and tiredness. Some of the more ‘sensitive’ symptoms such as low libido, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse can leave women feeling embarrassed and less confident.

Women can also go through early menopause if the ovaries are removed surgically or during treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I hear many women say “I don’t feel like a woman anymore”. So, it’s not surprising that many women suffer from depression and anxiety at this time in their lives.

Change can be unnerving and frightening. So, please don't suffer in silence. I wish I had got help before I did.

Here are my top 5 tips for managing the menopause:

  1. Eat a healthy diet made up of whole foods and plenty of vegetables

  2. Reduce alcohol, caffeine and don’t smoke

  3. Exercise regularly

  4. Manage stress

  5. Prioritise sleep

Nutrition plays a vital role as certain foods may trigger hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings. However, there are many lifestyle factors that play a huge role and stress and lifestyle management plays a huge role in managing these symptoms.

To all women out there - it’s inevitable (unless you have been through it already) and so it’s a good idea to be prepared. Many women dread this stage in their lives and often you only hear about the bad experiences. However, every woman is different and whilst some may seem to breeze through this life stage, for others it can be a very different story.

It can be just about getting the right support to help you to cope with and manage this Lifestage. I also share many practical tips and tools that you can include as part of your daily life to help to manage your symptoms and help you to feel better.

Are you between 40-60?

Are you experiencing menopausal symptoms and need help?

Are you post-menopausal and would like help so you can really feel your best?

Getting support so that you can flourish and increase your happiness is key.

Knowledge is power, and I feel very strongly that education around women’s health leads to empowerment and happiness.

I'm helping hundreds of women gain a deeper understanding this life-stage in my private practice as well as the valuable work I am doing as part of a Menopause Pilot with a non for profit organisation Enable.

Change can be unnerving and frightening. So, please don't suffer in silence. I wish I had got help before I did.

If you would like some help then do get in touch.

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