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Does the challenge of being healthy sometimes feel so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start?

Many people look for a shortcut to a healthy way of living and can sometimes get caught up in minute details but perhaps forget to get the basics right such as managing stress and prioritising their sleep.

Health can sometimes get over complicated (unless you have a health condition) and this is not helped with so much conflicting advice being available and heavily marketed fad diets offering quick fixes and making false promises.

It can sometimes be all too easy to get caught up in the details and miss the bigger picture. I see a lot of people in clinic or on my programmes who have followed restrictive diets which don’t work long term.

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves to get the basics RIGHT.

Whilst the human body is a hugely complex system, if we get the basics right, the body’s different systems work in harmony with one another.

My simple 3 step rule for feeling well:

  1. Eat well - eat more whole foods, less processed foods

  2. Exercise - move daily as we are all designed to move

  3. Sleep - make sure you get enough good quality sleep

And, finally, do things that bring you joy and happiness.

So, how can you do this? My advice is simple.

Avoid the ‘all or nothing’ mindset where you only take action when everything is perfect and do ONE thing at a time.

Making ‘small manageable changes’ will help you to achieve and maintain health for the long-term.

Some small, manageable changes such as:

  • Eating a healthy diet full of whole foods and less processed food

  • Making sure you eat 7-10 portions of fruit & veg daily

  • Eating a protein based breakfast instead of a morning coffee and pastry on the way to work

  • Making food swaps such as swapping white bread, pasta, rice for whole grains

  • Replacing some animal protein with plant proteins

  • Cutting down on sugary foods

  • Making sure you drink enough water

  • Being active - this may be a 30 minute walk at lunchtime or getting off the bus/tube earlier

  • Getting enough sleep and adopting a good wind down routine before bedtime

  • Buying an old fashioned alarm clock, leaving your mobile and electronic devices out of the bedroom

Following this approach will help you to take control of your health, boost confidence and set you up for success.

Addressing your mindset and emotions is key. I have helped hundreds of clients to feel better about how they are feeling as well as eating in a way that works for them. I see amazing results with clients who have really benefitted from the right support and accountability to ensure success.

I have struggled in the past with my weight, body image and lack of self-esteem so I really do know what poor health feels like. This is one of the main reasons I am so passionate about helping people to feel good about themselves from the inside out.

If you need to be guided and supported so you can feel your best then please do get in touch

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